In which conceptions about the number of folds that can be made in a sheet of media are tested in the darkroom..
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A photogram of a sheet folded in half twice by Jeremias Zylberberg.
2 folds.
A photogram of a sheet folded in half thrice by Jeremias Zylberberg.
3 folds.
A photogram of a sheet folded in half four times by Jeremias Zylberberg.
4 folds.
The photograms in this series are all unique prints - the equivalent of monoprints from a darkroom. Each series is made in a single darkroom session with a single sheet of media being folded across each print and discarded at the end.
While referencing the popular experience of only being able to fold a given sheet of paper a limited number of times, the series is intended as a reflection on the fundamentals of photography. 
The doubling of material between the light-source and the light-sensitive paper with every fold mirrors the increase in photographic 'stops' conceptually and echoes this relationship between darker and lighter visually. The sheets being folded are the same size as the works produced.